Software for the Lung-RADS™ data system


Lungstats may be purchased outright or it can be leased. The lease is based on a month to month lease, however, terms of 1 to 5 years can be made to guard against price increases. A lease can be an attractive option as there is a low initial capital expenditure. The lease price includes technical support and updates. Annual support and update for the purchase of LungStats is $1,000 a year. This fee is included for the first year with the purchase. If you are interested in the multi-user version of LungStats, please contact us at (989) 252-7506 for a quote.



LungStats v1.10 single seat license $10,000
LungStats v1.10 single seat license $300/month after the initial payment of $1,000 for the startup.

Lungstats may be installed on a server for any PC with permission to access it - in fact, this is the preferred installation method. LungStats also may be installed on your local PC. There is a automated backup function to save a backup copy wherever you wish.

Data importing via ASCII file is at no charge. We will make a one-way patient demographics or demographics and exam data importing interface at an additional cost.